Make life easier with IBDWell

Want to better manage living with IBD?

IBDWELL is a free* mobile App brought to you by the ISCC for World IBD Day 2019.  IBDWELL can help manage your IBD and put your mind at ease in a way that feels right to you. Take a look at some of the features below. 

Get better at tracking your symptoms...

“Health Tracker” helps you to track your health, pain, and stress levels. Bring this information with you to your next hospital appointment. 

Find someone to talk to... 

“Nearby” connects you with others living with Crohn’s or colitis. 

Find a bathroom... 

IBDWELL has a built-in restroom finder so that you can find a restroom when you need it. Tag restrooms to build up the database on IBDWELL to help others find a toilet when they need one. 

Want to manage the thoughts that you are experiencing?

Explore “Mindfulness” to ease anxiety and stress, and to develop mindfulness methods that suit you and your lifestyle.

* IBDWELL is free to download from Google Play (for Android devices) and will shortly be available free on the App Store (for Apple devices). Some features of IBDWELL are premium and available only to ISCC members.

IBD Nurse Mary Forry, Sinéad Cummins (ISCC) and IBD Nurse Angela Mullen at the launch of IBDWELL

The background to IBDWELL

In 2017 the ISCC brought together the best and brightest minds in Ireland to hack the problems of those living with Crohn’s and colitis in Ireland. We called this gathering the ‘It Takes Guts Hackathon’.

With the help of people from design, engineering, media, science, health and PR we spent a day in Dublin’s beautiful Smock Alley Theatre to find new solutions.

Two years on we are excited to announce the launch of IBDWELL, an innovative mobile App designed to help those living with Crohn’s and colitis.

Download IBDWELL

For Android get it on Google Play

For iOS devices get it at the App Store

The IBDWELL project was made possible with the assisatance of an education grant from Pfizer